10 most unsafe automobiles of 2012


10 Nissan Maxima This car scores really poorly, but it’s not clear why. It’s crash scores are some of the lowest there are. It’s the first one of six Nissan vehicles to go on the list of unsafe vehicles, and that’s not the most encouraging fact. It’s certainly not encouraging for new buyers.

10 States with the best housing Market


There are some states that have much better housing markets than others. They do far better for young couples and older seniors who just want to settle down and don’t want to fiddle with all of the hassles and high prices of other states. Some states are doing so well in their housing markets that they are attracting lots of people from different states to go there. There are a number of states that far outpace other states, and there’s no reason why you should stay in your state if you can get a better deal elsewhere.

10 Best College Degree’s


Not all college degrees are created equal, and that’s something you’ll learn if you ever go to college for four years and then get out and try to look for a job with a bad degree. It helps to know ahead of time what the best degrees are so you don’t waste precious time on a degree that’s going to be useless in the long run. You don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on something that’s not worth much in return. It might pay you back, sure, but don’t you want something that’s going to pay you back ten or 20 times what it cost to get it?

10 Musicians who made it as actors


It’s not all people that get to cross the threshold from musicians to actor. A lot of people are successful musicians, but they just can’t hack it in the movie business. It takes a special type of person to do both. Take a look at Mick Jagger, for instance. He was in a movie called Freejack, and it had moderate success, but it didn’t turn him into a movie star. It takes a unique type of person to be able to navigate the nuances and expressions of both things. Some people do it and go on to become mega-stars of both mediums.

10 Celebrities with Strange Phobias


Strange phobias are nothing to be ashamed of. Lots of ordinary people have them, and lots of celebrities have them too. It’s not unusual to have strange phobias, and a large percentage of the population suffers from one phobia or another. Whether it’s fear of spiders, fear of heights, or fear of elevators, everyone’s got something. There’s always one thing that people are most afraid of. Celebrities are normal people, just like the rest of us. Underneath all that pomp and fanfare, there’s a real person in there, and that person is just as scared about one particular thing as you are.

10 Child Stars that became successful producers and directors.


It’s not all child stars that go on to do drugs and fade out into non-existence. There are a lot of child stars who go on to become producers and do great things. This list will take a look at some of America’s most notable child stars and examine the ones who went on to become producers and directors. So much exposure to the film and movie business at such an early age probably did them a lot of good. They saw how it all worked, and they did an amazing job of putting their own stamp on the movie business afterward.